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Bus Fleet Maintenance: Tri-State Van & Bus

Mobile Fleet Management Service VehicleTri-State is happy to announce an exciting new service available to our customers through Tri-State Fleet Management, a division of Tri-State Van and Bus Sales. Tri-State Fleet Management was created in an effort to assist our customers in getting the most value out of their vehicle investments. Fleet owners know that there is nothing more frustrating than unscheduled vehicle repairs and break downs. Tri-State’s new program will help to eliminate these occurrences through a closely monitored vehicle maintenance schedule that includes, but is not limited to, the following features:

  • Assisting each facility with routine maintenance and provide vehicle maintenance tracking reports.
  • Establish qualified repair centers for each level of vehicle repair.
  • Negotiate reduced labor rates with local repair centers.
  • Managing all warranty claims on warrantable repairs.
  • Handling unscheduled maintenance to ensure that your vehicle is diagnosed and repaired in a timely manner, reducing down time and repair cost.
  • Monthly billing plans in which Tri-State will immediately pay vendors upon service completion eliminating the need for payment at the facility level.
  • Providing OEM bus parts at a reduced cost to Tri-State Fleet Management customers.
  • Taking advantage of 30 years experience in Fleet Management for companies across the United States.

To achieve the Lowest Cost of Ownership, let Tri-State Fleet Management be your partner in vehicle maintenance.

For information on pricing as well as the many additional benefits offered, contact us via the information below and we will gladly discuss any and all possibilities to suite your maintenance needs.

Program Supervisor
Jimmy Hamm
Email: jimmy.hamm.tristate@gmail.com

Operations Manager
Daniel Henry
Email: daniel.henry.tristate@gmail.com


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