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Cargo Van: Custom Cargo Vans and Buses

Our newest line of vehicle is the increasingly popular Turtle Top Cargo Van. This unit will serve well as a replacement for the E350 Vans. There is ample storage space and plenty of head room for walking around in the vehicle. The Ultra/Terra Maxx has a Cargo Van appeal with Cargo Truck room. Make this your new service vehicle of choice in whatever field it may be. The Ultra/Terra Maxx Cargo Truck comes with a variety of floorplan layouts and multiple interior upfitting options all wrapped into the sleek one piece fiberglass body 600+ cubic ft. of cargo room.The Ultra/Terra Maxx is built on a Ford or GM Chassis.

Ford Terra Maxx

See the Ford Terra Maxx by TurtleTop


See the Chevrolet Ultra Maxx by TurtleTop

Turtle Top Ford Terra Maxx at NTEA

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