Training provided by Tri State Van and Bus Sales

Not only do you get guaranteed satisfaction from your vehicle purchase from Tri-State Van & Bus Sales, but you receive unprecedented customer service as well. All vehicles purchased through Tri-State Van & Bus Sales come with training on the functionality of the vehicle itself and installed equipment, you will also receive training for mobility lifts and for restraint systems by staff members that have been certified to provide training in the operation of this specialized equipment.

Training includes:

Driver Training from Tri-State Van and Bus Sales

Upon purchasing any shuttle bus you will recieve full training on the functionality of the bus and its equipment. When the safety of others in your hands, you want to be assured that you are knowledgeable in all areas of your vehicle. Tri-State Van & Bus offers driver training to help you be assured that your passengers will be safe.

Each bus is custom equipped and our staff is knowledgeable on all systems we fit our vehicles with. You will be educated on the functionality of all equipment in your vehicle. We will educate your drivers with:

  • Door functionality
  • Lift systems
  • Camera equipment
  • Safety restraint systems
  • Security systems
  • All standard equipment systems

Lift Systems Training

Transporting special needs passengers presents challenges for a transportation company that is unique. Our training ensures that you have full comprehension on the functionality of the lift systems used to move immobilzed passengers into your vehicle. We understand that passenger safety and business reputation is of utmost importance. Our lift systems from Braun and Ricon will be demonstrated and you will be fully educated on the functionality ensuring the safety of your passengers and the reputation of your transportation company. Our staff has been trained by Braun to be Certified Lift Operator / Trainer. We have taken the extra step so that we can pass that education along to our customers.

Restraint Systems Training

In continuing our commitment to customer service and the safety of your passengers, we install the finest quality restraint systems on the market from Q’STRAINT Restraint Systems. Q’STRAINT Restraint Systems has been providing top quality restraint systems for over 25 years. They offer a variety of restraint systems based on your needs. We will assist you in working to find the best solution for your customers transportation needs.

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